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Posted by Chidi on Sunday July 23, 2017:

My company needs parts for an Isuzu NPR truck - 2007 exactly and I just want to know where I can get the parts in Lagos Nigeria. I know I can get some parts at the Ladipo market in Mushin but I also need to know other places where I can get the brand new parts and a variety of parts. I recently was searching for a flywheel and was not satisfied with the one I was shown at Ladipo since it was used and scratched. There are other parts that I need to buy such as windscreen, tyres, power steering pump, kick-starter and others. I would prefer being able to have new parts rather than just tokunbo/used parts and it should be genuine rather than fake.

Anyone who sells Isuzu parts should please list the location of his office or shop here because we have a lot of trucks that need servicing and repairs from time to time.

State: Lagos

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