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Posted by Felix Okoli on Wednesday June 10, 2015:

This flash drive from Sandisk is really sleek and light. It's a flash drive that will outlast others and designed to protect your data for the long term

A reliable flash drive from Sandisk - A trusted name in storage devices.

8GB can do a lot of things and this means storing lots of files that can easily be accessible from your computer or other USB 2.0 compliant devices. You can store lots of pictures, videos, music files and office documents on this file. The 8GB size makes it easy to access when opened on your computer as it minimizes loading time unlike if it where up to 32GB or higher.

8GB can store up to 3500 images/pictures if they are less than 2MB each and up to 1500 music/mp3 files if they are less than 5MB each. You can also use it to store up to 7 full movie length video files if they are under 1GB file each.

Given the brand name and high quality associated with this product, it is guaranteed to last much longer than your usual flash drives that may come cheaper.

With Sandisk, you are not just buying a regular flash drive but a reliable storage device for the long term.

State: Lagos

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