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Posted by Ademola Aina on Thursday September 11, 2014:

A fairly used Lebanese Shawarma Machine and Shawarma Gas Toaster available for sale.
The Shawarma Machine has two burners and is available at N80,000. The Shawarma Gas Toaster is available at N70,000. Both are still in very good condition and pricing is negotiable. For a business like Shawarma making that is thriving so well these days, this is the best of deals you can see around town. A brand new shawarma machine cost N250,000 while a new gas toaster is N80,000.I have been doing this business for a while and it has shown good profitability. Unfortunately due to my being involved in other businesses, my schedule has now become quite constricted and i do not have the time to manage this business anymore. I am therefore selling these machines. Upon purchase of these machines i will also provide trainings for the buyer if interested and also provide staff if he/she needs one. I'll be expecting your call. Demola, 08099456021

Phone: 08099456021
State: Lagos

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