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Posted by Biodux Solutions on Thursday January 29, 2015:

Are you looking for a stress free and automatic way to manage your business, company, hotel, store, restaurant, bar, supermarket and other retail outlet accurately? Then what you need is our Biz Edge POS software. This software has been designed with you in mind to ensure you keep track of the daily running of your business and maximize your profit. Hence making it user friendly. Our software is compatible with touch screens/systems and non-touch screen based systems? and also contain special features which are categorized into three namely: Sales features, Customer features and Inventory features.

Sales features on the biz edge software entails the following: Tax application (VAT), Deposit Tracking, Opening multiple sales screens, give discount on all items, make sales Order, different price levels, accept different mode of payment, Serial Number Tracking, Display customer balance on screen and receipt, Receipt Printing (A4, A5 and 80mm Paper), Reprint receipts and Void sales.

The Inventory features cover Vendor Field,? received good, making request, keeping track of stock, Stock Transfers from one location to another and adjustment of Inventory for expired or damaged items.

Customer features register and keeps details or necessary information on customers thus enabling fix discount rules. It also generate customers account and invoice.

These and many more features are benefits you stand to enjoy by using our affordable POS software.

State: Lagos

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