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Posted by Stephen on Saturday January 24, 2015:

Importation business has become one of the biggest sources for taking home millions in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Ghana, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Togo, and other third world nations and even developed nations for those who knows the secret. It is obviously one of the most lucrative businesses in the world.
Importation business refers to the process of buying goods from abroad (America, Europe, Asia countries etc.) at wholesale prices and resell if it in your locality for good profit.
Both the young and old are breaking their bank accounts by the day just to share the raw cash in the this business and I think you should join this billion dollar moving train before it left you behind.
Import business thrive o the fact that most nations are consuming nations, so they depend on imported goods... Not only that, they cherish imported goods more than their locally manufacture goods.
If you are a business owner, corporate individual,, trader, doctor, lawyer, lecturer, freelancer, security agent, retiree, youth coppers, unemployed, underemployed or a student.
In as much as you wish to make extra thousands and millions of Naira, dollars, pounds, cedi, franc, rupee, taka and peso monthly on part time or full time basis by importing goods from abroad or overseas and selling them for a huge profit in your country.
How to Start This Business

Some people think that one needs millions of Naira, dollars, cedi, franc, rupee, taka or pesos to start importation business. Not only that, they also think that there is license involve before one can be an importer.
No! You donít need millions to start importation business, you can start importation business with as little as $100 (15,000 naira; 47545 CFA franc; 276 cedi; 6076 rupees; 7765 takas; 4302 pesos) and there are neither licenses nor any governmental trouble because I am speaking from my own personal experienced and from the testimony of friends across the globe.

How The Import Business is Done
You donít need to go to USA, China or European countries to buy these goods. Everything is done online from the comfort of your home.
There are many genuine websites online where you can buy all kinds of goods cheaply, clear old stocks, brand new products, and fairly used products, Insurance enabled and salvage goods, Auction goods etc.
How You Can Make Payment For Your Goods Easily
You will practical know how you can use your ATM Card, MasterCard, or Visa Card from Nigerian bank, Ghanaian bank, Cameroonian bank , Benin Republican bank or from the bank in your country.
Note: You can also make direct payment to the company you purchase their stuff through wire or through your Domiciliary or foreign account.
How You Can Receive Your Goods in Your Country
Whenever you make order for any good, the seller is supposed to ship it to you free of charge or charge small amount for the shipping.
Interestingly some shipments are fast using DHL or FedEx.
For more information visit: www.importationdesk.blogspot.com

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