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Posted by Felix Okoli on Thursday November 12, 2015:

How do you buy things on Amazon.com from Nigeria? Will they deliver to you? What if they won't deliver to Nigeria? How does one make payment on Amazon from Nigeria? How do you still get hose items sold on Amazon even if the seller doesn't offer international shipping?

There are many questions online shoppers form Nigerian tend to ask when it comes to US based websites like Amazon. They basically want to know how it works and how they can do it without having a US shipping address or US relative?

Well, I've been buying a lot of good stuff that are mostly made in the USA from Nigeria even though I didn't have to travel to the USA as I did everything from the internet.

You too can buy anything you want from Amazon and import it into Nigeria as long as it's not prohibited by the Nigerian Customs Service or illegal. All you need to do is to purchase the item from Amazon, ship it to your US address and have a partner forward it to you in Nigeria.

How I buy things on AMazon from Nigeria
First of all, what I do is register as a buyer for free on Amazon.com using my email address and my Nigerian address

I get a Visa or Mastercard from my bank and add it to my Amazon account as my payment card and also include my Nigerian address as the billing address

I also register with a US shipping company to provide me with a US shipping address and membership account

I purchase the items I want on AMazon and send it to my USA address

The item gets delivered to my USA address

My US shipping company notifies me that I've received a package

I decide when to ship it to Nigeria and pay them just for the international shipping fee based on the weigh of the package

The items I've ordered from Amazon will then be sent to my doorstep in Nigeria within as little as 5 working days using DHL, UPS or Fedex.

It's very easy and as long as you have enough money to buy things on Amazon and also pay for international shipping to Nigeria, you can get many things you want from Amazon

Things I've purchased from Amazon
- Nike basketball shoes
- Designer Leather shoes
- Levi Strauss Jeans
- Laptops and Kindle tablets
- Sandisk flash drives
- Spy cameras
- Designer clothes(shirts and trousers)
- Curtains
- Clinique creams
- Round neck and V-neck white T shirts
- Hanes and Fruit of the Loom Boxers
- Car spray paint and touch up paint

It doesn't take much to buy from Amazon and you are free to buy many things. Some of the things listed on Amazon can be delivered directly to you in Nigeria while some can only be delivered to a US address but they can accept your debit/credit card even if it's in Naira.

Want to start buying things from Amazon from Nigeria without any restrictions? Then get a reliable US shipping company that can help you forward your goods to Nigeria after they receive it at a US address that has been dedicated to you.

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