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Posted by Tosan Online on Thursday May 8, 2014:

Have the big name online stores disappointed you?
Have you never shopped online because of a fear of getting scammed?

Iím sure you can simply just walk into an physical store, make your purchase and head back to your home and office. It is just safer and easier you think but thatís not the case.

57% of Nigerians asked say they found a better price online than in the store they will regular visit. 23% say they found a product online they couldnít locate in any stores in their area. (a)

Imagine having all the products you want, or donít even know you want, at your finger tips. That is what Tosan Online is all about. We are a startup store that brings you products from various categories. From clothes to bicycles to weaves to electronics.

Are you one of the unsure ones that donít want to use their card online? Then pay into bank and keep your card details close to your heart.

Did I mention that all deliveries are free nationwide? Well they are!

We are not selling products, weíre selling peace of mind and we wonít stop till you are satisfied.

Shop with us today at http://tosanonline.com

Follow us on Twitter or Instagram, @tosanonline

More questions? Call 08138146991 or email enquiries@tosanonline.com

Phone: 08138146991
State: Lagos

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