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Posted by Tosan Online on Thursday May 8, 2014:

Do you have items you want to sell online but the 30% or more commission other online stores charge is too high for you?

I mean, you already have the products in your home/shop. Can’t you just keep selling to your everyday customers? Why allow someone take out of your profits by posting your products on their website?

As of December 2013, 87 million Nigerians have active internet subscriptions and 28% of Nigerians now shop online spending an average of N15,000 with every purchase.
Online sellers in Nigeria have experienced a 23% increase in sales in the last 6 months. (a)

Picture this… Your products online for the whole world to see and not being charged the silly 30% commissions others do. Imagine an online portal that picks up your products and delivers for you at no extra cost. Those are just some of the benefits of us at Tosan Online.

Want to know more benefits of selling online or sign up to start selling? Click here http://tosanonline.com/sell-on-tosan/benefits-of-selling-on-tosan.html

More questions? Call 08138146991 or email enquiries@tosanonline.com

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